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Home for Christmas is a most popular TV series. This series is based on the Norwegian language. The Tv series is liked by 96 per cent of people.

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Home for Christmas is directed by per-Olav Sorensen. And the interesting series is produced by Anders Tangen. The film is released on 5 Dec 2019. Home for Christmas is a TV series type. Which has 2 seasons and each season has 6 episodes. And the TV series has 12 episodes.

Home for Christmas series about ” Eternally single Johanne tired of the constant comments on her relationship status-starts 24-day hunt for a boyfriend to bring home for Christmas. Like this story continues with interesting turns.

The series has famous actors, some of them are Ida Elise Broch who did the main role as Johanne and Felix Sandman, Mads Siogard Petersen.

The Home for Christmas is filmed in Roros, Norway. Lots of people liked this series and became very popular. Home for Christmas is now streaming on Netflix. The reason to stream this series is it is the season of the festival of Christmas.

Home for Christmas is a lovely and interesting TV series. It is a very nice family entertainment show.

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