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Itta Kitta, a Gujarati romantic comedy, will be released in theatres on January 19, 2024. Prepare for a funny voyage through the complexity of modern relationships, packed with brilliant conversation and charming acting. Jigna (Ami Trivedi), a fiercely independent lady and social media personality, and Krish (Abhishek Sharma), a grounded lawyer with a conservative viewpoint, are central to the story.

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Download "Itta Kitta" in HD from Sdmoviespoint

Despite their opposing personalities, their paths converge due to a series of amusing events. An obvious spark builds between them as they argue and banter. Itta Kitta has a superb cast with impeccable comedic timing.

Ami Trivedi, a renowned actor, excels as the fiery Jigna, while Abhishek Sharma plays Krish with boyish charm. Popular figures in the supporting cast include Jaydeepsinh Jadeja and Bhumika Patel, who lend seasoned humour to the story.

Rahi Mistry, a talented screenwriter recognised for his caustic humour, makes his directorial debut with Itta Kitta. Sunshine Productions is behind the film, which promises outstanding production quality and realistic family-friendly material. Itta Kitta, with a projected budget of 25 crores, promises to be a visually stunning picture with a contemporary flair.

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