“JINGLE JANGLE: A CHRISTMAS JOURNEY (TAMIL DUBBED) is now streaming on Netflix and KuttyMovies

In a year when the holidays don’t quite feel like the holidays — what with COVID wreaking havoc on everyday lives and treasured traditions — Netflix’s Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey is here to serve up the extra dose of Christmas cheer so many of us are desperate for. And when I say extra, I do mean extra.

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Runs a perfectly reasonable two hours long, but those two hours are overstuffed in every way imaginable. There are too many concepts, too many subplots, and at least one framing device too many. The musical numbers are long, plentiful, and flashy. (Writer-director David Talbert originally envisioned Jingle Jangle as a stage musical and it shows, especially in the
choreography and design.) The narrative unfolds on sets spilling over with steampunk-flavoured knickknacks, through actors clothed in layer upon layer of bright colours and bold patterns. It’s all entirely too much, in a way that feels just right — like a Christmas stocking bursting at the seams with too many goodies.

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