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Download “LEGACY OF LIES” full movie in HD Tamilrockers

Martin Baxter (Scott Adkins) left his job as an MI6 agent twelve years ago after a failed secret operation that resulted in the murder of his wife by Russian spies. Today, with a daughter, the ex-spy-turned-bouncer joins forces with journalist Sacha (Yuliia Sobol), who was also a target of the organization, to finish the job.

Download "LEGACY OF LIES" full movie in HD Tamilrockers

Legacy of Lies, a thriller by Adrian Bol, is a combination of the Bourne series and Taken, but on a much smaller scale. The film is not easy to watch, with an abundance of battle scenes and little substance to bring the plot forward. There is a lot of exposition and little “show,” resulting in a stale script.

Apart from the engaging father-daughter relationship, Adkins has a fascinating relationship with his daughter Lisa (Honor Kneafsey), a precocious twelve-year-old who is obsessed with school, dieting, and money, but the story loses its mojo after that. Sobol’s performance is the most suited to the role; she is vivacious, feisty, and full of ambition, and her character’s resolve to avenge her father’s death adds feminist values to the story arc.

Martin, played by Adkins, takes a very different path: once motivated, his zest for life has vanished, and all of his enthusiasm now rests squarely on the shoulders of his young daughter. Whether or not Legacy of Lies would leave a lasting impact.

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