Download “Mashle Season 2” in HD from Sdmoviespoint

Mashle: Magic and Muscles Season 2 hits screens on January 6, 2024! Dive headfirst into the Divine Visionary Candidate Exam Arc, where our muscular mage, Mashle, continues his hilarious and action-packed journey.

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Download "Mashle Season 2" in HD from Sdmoviespoint

Following the events of Season 1, Mashle enrols at the elite Easton Magic Academy, where he competes in the Divine Visionary Candidate Exam against other prodigy spellcasters. This, however, is not your normal magic school tournament.

Expect outlandish challenges, ferocious rivalries, and, of course, Mashle’s trademark brand of unconventional, muscle-powered magic. Mashle Moonstrong (Chiharu Sawashiro): Our muscled hero returns, still depending on pure physical power to unleash the most bizarre spells. Prepare for more wild one-liners and strength-defying stunts.

Phina Claret (voiced by Inori Minase): The headstrong student council president becomes involved with Mashle, resulting in a slew of conflicting personalities and funny misunderstandings.

Mashle Season 2 promises even more stunning animation and intense action sequences, with an unspecified but undoubtedly greater budget than the previous season. The returning creative team, led by director Tomonari Tanaka and playwright Yousuke Kuroda, maintains continuity while pushing the envelope of magical mayhem.

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