Download “Kingdom Season 5” in HD from Sdmoviespoint

Kingdom Season 5 charges onto screens on January 7th, 2024! Season 5 digs into the much-anticipated Koku You Campaign Arc, translating manga chapters 441 and on.

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Download "Kingdom Season 5" in HD from Sdmoviespoint

In a pivotal fight for Koku You Hill, the Qin army, headed by the flamboyant and unconventional General Kan Ki, clashes with the Zhao soldiers. Ri Shin and his Hi Shin Unit are thrown into the heart of the fight, putting their talents and allegiance to the test against powerful foes.

The talented cast returns, with Kengo Kawanishi voicing the ambitious protagonist Ri Shin. Masakazu Morita brings the cunning King Ei Sei to life, while Hiroyuki Yoshino embodies the enigmatic strategist Shou Kai.

Studio Pierrot and Studio Sign Post continue to helm the animation, ensuring high-quality action sequences and character portraits. Kingdom has garnered a passionate fanbase thanks to its blend of historical accuracy, compelling characters, and stunning visuals. Season 5’s focus on the iconic Koku You Campaign has generated tremendous excitement, with speculation running high about epic clashes and potential character development.

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