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Download “MILESTONE” Netflix full movie in HD

Milestone is a Netflix original film that will be released soon. Suvinder Vicky, Lakshvir Saran, and Mohinder Gujral star in the film, which is directed by Ivan Ayr of Soni fame. Netflix released the official Milestone trailer on May 7, 2021. Below is a review of the Milestone trailer.

Download "MILESTONE" Netflix full movie in HD

The trailer begins with a night of torrential rain. Suvinder Vicky is seen sitting in a car, narrating the story of a girl who has run away from home.

Later, a female voice speaks of the girl, expressing her sadness. Suvinder Vicky, who can be seen crying while doing his regular chores, delivers anonymous goods in a truck in the next segment of the trailer. The next player is Lakshvir Saran.

Following that, Suvinder offers money to Lakshvir Saran, who is in charge of the delivery of goods. Suvinder Vicky drives to an unknown destination at the end of the trailer.

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