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Be ready for a downpour of laughter and love with Ole Aale, a Marathi romantic comedy that will be released in theatres on January 5th, 2024.

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Prepare for a frenzy of funny banter, endearing characters, and a beautiful narrative unfolding beneath the pitter-patter of showers. The story focuses on Aakash (Swapnil Joshi), a young musician trying to make his way in the hectic metropolis.

He returns to his gorgeous hometown set in the green valleys of Maharashtra, disillusioned and homesick. There, he reconnects with his grandma (Urmila Kanitkar), a loving woman with a wealth of wisdom and memories.

The famed music director Ajay-Atul makes his directorial debut with Ole Aale, recognised for their lyrical compositions in films such as “Sairat” and “Dhadak.” Their musical ability is evident in the film’s unique soundtrack, which incorporates classic Marathi melodies as well as contemporary rhythms.

The film is being produced by Zed Studios, which promises outstanding production standards and spectacular graphics that depict the charm of rural Maharashtra. Ole Aale features a diverse ensemble highlighted by the endearing Swwapnil Joshi, who plays Aakash with sensitivity and optimism.

Veteran actress Urmila Kanitkar gives a moving performance as the wise grandmother, anchoring the film’s emotional centre. The supporting ensemble includes great performers such as Shruti Marathe and Mangesh Desai, who lend depth and humour to the story.

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