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Download “SKY ROJO SEASON 1” full series in HD Tamilrockers

The protagonists of Sky Rojo , Coral ( Verónica Sánchez ), Wendy ( Lali Espósito ) and Gina ( Yany Prado ), undertake a flight in search of their freedom while being chased by Romeo ( Asier Etxeandia ), their pimp, and Moisés ( Miguel Ángel Silvestre ) and Christian ( Enric Auquer ), his henchmen at Club Las Novias.

Download "SKY ROJO SEASON 1" full series in HD Tamilrockers

Together they will start a frantic, aimless journey in which they will have to face all kinds of dangers and will live every second as if it were their last, but with which they will strengthen their friendship and discover the most important thing: that together they are much stronger and have more. options to get their lives back.

“With Sky Rojo, we seek as always to make a frantic action but relying on these 25 minutes of duration to emphasize the dynamism of the plot: the flight and the race for survival. In the third act of a movie or of a chapter, all the energy converges and it is the most effervescent explosion of the conflicts that are being narrated, so we consider doing a constant third act and putting our entire story in a funnel of frenzy ”, affirm Álex Pina and Esther Martínez Lobat.

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