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Download “THE LOST PIRATE KINGDOM” full series in HD Tamilrockers

The Lost Pirate Kingdom, a co-production between World Media Rights and ZDF Enterprises, will premiere by the streaming giant this month as a new original factual series. The six-part docuseries tells the story of the pirates of the Caribbean. The end of the war with Spain put the British privateers out of work, working as an autonomous naval force.

Download "THE LOST PIRATE KINGDOM" full series in HD Tamilrockers

Moving on to piracy, they continued to take treasures from the Spanish and were eventually outlawed by their own crown. They then established the world’s first fully democratic republic in the Bahamas, freed the enslaved, and gave them full voting rights.

The series features real-life pirate legends such as Blackbeard, Henry Jennings, Benjamin Hornigold, and Henry Vane. It also explores the story of the pirate Anne Bonny. The Lost Pirate Kingdom uses a technique called Hyper Dynamic Animation.

This has allowed World Media Rights to recreate the pirate republic of Nassau as it was in 1715 with a 4K projection in front of a live audience. ZDF Enterprises, which has a stake in World Media Rights, will distribute the new series worldwide outside of Netflix’s territories and rights. It will launch on Netflix on March 15.

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