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Download Sound Like Love in HD from Uwatchfree

We all know it’s nothing new to go gaga over any upcoming adapted novel’s movie. But take a moment, Sounds Like Love, the Spanish film is based, on the novel duology Canciones y Recuerdos aka Songs and Memories, written by Elisabet Benavent.

Download Sound Like Love in HD from Uwatchfree

The film has directed by Juana Macias and a screenplay by Laura Sarmiento under the banner of Zeta Studios.This romantic comedy film is starring Alex Gonzalez, Artur Busquets, Carlo Costanzia, Claudia Gala, Elisabet Casanovas, Eva Ugarte, Ignacio Montes, Maria Valverde, Roger Berruezo, Susana Abaitua.The clumsy fashion assistant character of Maca working in Madrid has just started doing better after her breakup.

Where the twist starts unfurling, Leo, the ex-boyfriend, reentered straight into her life. Her suppressed feelings also caught her in a dilemma. We all have those friends to lean on, cry or seek advice. Maca also sought support and discuss it with her friends. The three of them unravel the complicated feeling of love.“You need to learn to love yourself first. Only then you are ready to love.” The dialogue from the film is about self-love. This entertainment drama with chaos, confusion and fun movie is releasing on 29 September on Netflix.

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