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Download “TERE LAYI” in HD from Tamilrockers

“TERE LAYI”: a Punjabi romantic drama with a blast of humour and emotions directed by Amit Prasher with one of Pollywood’s talented actors- Harish Verma(as Amrik) and Sweetaj Brar(as Santog) is going to release on 9 December 2022. The trailer increases the curiosity in the minds of the audience.

Download "TERE LAYI" in HD from Tamilrockers

As the trailer describes- the story of a boy Amrik, a chill guy who falls in love with Santog, a girl with vague behaviour. He tries to impress her at his most.

And finally, they came into a relationship. But when he wants to marry Santog. She refuses as she does not want to marry Amrik because she could not find him compatible with her to marry, which broke her heart of Amrik. And the next part of the story is- when Santog’s mother fixes her marriage with someone she wants to take help from Amrik. And Amrik accepted to help her as he found it the last chance to marry her.

But when santog’s family members started liking him she told him to stop and go back, but why? This created curiosity in the minds of the audience.

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