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Download “THE SENAPATIS VOLUME 2” Bengali full series in HD Tamilrockers

The Senapatis –Volume 2 is about to release on Adda times on the 6th of March. The storyline of this hair raising show is conceived, written and directed by Ringo Banerjee. The show starring Joy Banerjee in a lead has a thrilling side that revolves around the times when Mumbai used to be Bombay and Kolkata used to be Calcutta.

Download "THE SENAPATIS VOLUME 2" Bengali full series in HD Tamilrockers

The story gives us insight into Indian Underworld during 1976 and 1983 when the Bombay crime was taking its shape under the leadership of Don Haji Mastan and Ibrahim D Saluz. At that times senapatis were already writing the legacy note of the underworld.

The story is full of Historic drama and the thrill of the 90s. The story is about an insane chase of power leading to renowned crime. The show is full of Action and hearts wrenching sensation. It is about blood, betrayal, love, bravery, existence and about revenge.

It portrays the greed to behold the power, the bigotry to win the battle. The story is about Calcutta, the only History witness. Summing it all this show is a blast from the past which will leave the audience with an unusual rouse.

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