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Immediately following Dongalunnaru Jaagrath, Sri Simha Koduri will release Ustaad. The fourth film Sri Simha will direct is titled Ustaad. Additionally, as a young artist, he contributed to a few films. Although he is the Oscar-winning music director MM Keeravani’s son, he is trying to carve out a unique path for himself in the film business with his diversely themed movies. The air force is the subject of the upcoming movie Ustaad. Phanideep helms the film Ustaad.

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Download "Ustaad" in HD from Sdmoviespoint

The film’s theatrical trailer was unveiled this evening by the producers. A character named Captain Joseph is clearly the focus of the movie based on the slightly longer two-minute trailer.

Suriya (Sri Simha), a young pilot, is his co-pilot on his retirement flight. Suriya, a who? What history does he have? What circumstances lead him to become a pilot? What significant role does Suriya’s old, shabby bike play in his life? anticipated to be the movie’s defining moment. Kavya Kalyan Ram is the ideal choice for his love interest, and Sri Simha is perfect in his role as a happy, young man. How does Suriya, a regular guy, manage to overcome all the obstacles and come out on top? is probably going to hear a graphic story. Gautam Menon plays a significant role in the movie, which is sponsored by the Vaarahi banner. Kalabharava, the film’s music composer, is the brother of Sri Simha.

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