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Download “VOYAGERS” English full movie in HD Tamilrockers

Kathryn Janeway Janeway – Star Trek Voyager, the first female captain of the franchise of Star Trek. From George Storr Star Trek: Voyager is the Star Trek franchise’s fifth series. It overlaps with Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Kate Mulgrew as the first female franchise captain, Kathryn Janeway.

Download "VOYAGERS" English full movie in HD Tamilrockers

Release dates for Netflix 22 April 2021 Thursday Star Trek: Voyager is on Netflix and can be purchased on DVD every season. What’s Voyager Star Trek about? After being stroked in the Delta Quadrant in the distance of the Milky Way galaxy, Capitan Kathryn Janeway leads the USS Voyager back home.

They leave the space station Deep Space Nine, linked to the series Deep Space Nine, and meet various kinds and environments that are hostile to each episode. In the wider context of the journey, each episode once again acts as an autonomous adventure.

In episode 1, the USS Voyager and its crew meet an alien form of life called “The Caretaker” and the ship is surrounded by its powerful energy field, killing a number of crew members. They will learn about the motivations of the caretaker and will find a way forward.

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