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Download “WAKAALAT FROM HOME” in HD for free from Amazon Prime and Moviespapa

Amazon Prime Video on 10th September 2020 released a comedy-drama web series called “Wakaalat From Home”. The story is a short one consisting of 10 episodes with a run time of 12 to 15 minutes each episode.

The series has surpassed every problem one has faced during the lockdown like weird noises in the background during a meeting, poor internet connection, pets and family members disturbing in between a call and many more. This story leads us through a divorce between a couple played by Sumit Vyas and Nidhi Singh amidst the lockdown due to coronavirus.

They both have even hired counsels for each of them who help them in going through the divorce process over a conference video call. The story is light-hearted and fun to watch. The interesting thing is that it has been shot by the actors from their homes making it more realistic and relatable.

Like Sujin’s lawyer eating in between the meeting, Radhika’s lawyer fending off her cat etc. So, if haven’t watched it till now, then go and watch it now on Amazon Prime.

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