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Download “THE SLEEPOVER” in HD for free from Netflix and Moviespapa

The Sleepover is a 2020 American action comedy film directed by Trish Sie, from a screenplay by Sarah Rothschild. It stars Sadie Stanley, Maxwell Simkins, Cree Cicchino, Lucas Jaye, Ken Marino, Joe Manganiello and Malin Åkerman. The film was released on August 21, 2020, by Netflix.

The film introduces its characters with charm and leaves you wanting more of them. The storyline isn’t something extremely fresh but the way the story progresses is to watch worthy. Ron (Ken Marino) is presented not only as ordinary to a point of mockery but also as the film’s source of wackiest jokes and silly actions and a mouth that just won’t stay quiet.

All in all, The Sleepover is a worth-watching family movie with a light-hearted storyline and charming characters who will tell you that being bad is not good. So, be good. It’s the only path to true happiness and, no matter how vulnerable your present may look, going back to your past is never a good option!

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