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DUTA writes a letter of Vice-Chancellor of DU slash the ‘Online open book test’

There’s a protest going on in several Universities regarding exams. In this situation, the Delhi University’s Teachers Association (DUTA) has written a letter to Vice-Chancellor of Delhi University Yogesh Tyagi.

The letter which has been writing by DUTA has been viral. This letter was written on 13th May 2020.

This letter states that there should be an exam for all the students of UG and PG programs only. There would be exams for 1st 2nd and for 3rd year simultaneously.

“It isn’t viable for an outsized University like DU, with its diverse student population, and it’s shocking that the institute has adopted it because of the only form. We demand that the pen-paper option tends to all or any students,” DUTA said.

The concept of an ‘open-book’ examination is extremely different from the type of tests our students are wont to. Springing this ugly surprise on them in such uncertain and anxious times will increase the anxiety of huge sections of scholars, especially since the traditional teaching-learning process has been disrupted thanks to the pandemic,” the teachers’ association said.

The Indian National Teachers’ Congress (INTC) said the calculation of CGPA should be based on internal exams and scores of the previous semester.

“Open book exams are meant not only to check the conceptual understanding of the scholars but also their ability to use these concepts in real-life situations. Open book online exams need a completely different patterned question paper. Students and teachers are never trained for this process of conducting exams in our university,” INTC convener Pankaj Garg

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