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Each time I revisit college, I see they’ve changed it for the worst – Imtiaz Ali

Director and writer, Imtiaz Ali recently paid a visit to his alma mater Hindu College under Delhi University for the celebration of the 99th Foundation Day. He initially planned on keeping the visit short and hoped to not get recognized but wounded up spending the entire day at the campus and ended up getting recognized.

Each time I revisit college, I see they've changed it for the worst - Imtiaz Ali

The writer was all smiles as he talked about his day at campus, ‘I had no plan of visiting Hindu College but as it happens, I was in the area and thought I’ll sneak in quietly and have a look around. This time not even take or post any pictures of it, and keep the visit to me. However, so was not to be because once I saw the college, I took more and more time and finally was discovered by the vice principal and the principal and then I took pictures.

Although his visit was a happy venture he added how the college kept changing for the worse but he had learned to not hate the change as change is inevitable.

Each time I visit the college, I see that they have changed it for the worse. This time I realized there was nothing to resent because change is inevitable, and the college and the university are not making changes for the worse. it’s just different from how I remembered it back in my day. I also realized that the more important thing inside me and with the college and campus will never change, those are eternal. I am proud to be part of Delhi University!

He also made sure to give his take on online classes, which he regards to be not the right way to educate students and does not give them a full college experience.


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