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Earthquake tremors felt in parts of Delhi, 4.6 magnitude

An earthquake of 4.6 magnitudes struck the National Capital on Friday evening. The strong tremors were felt in Delhi at 9:08 pm at a
depth of 3.3km. The epicentre of the earthquake was near Rohtak in Haryana according to India’s National Center for Seismology. The
tremors were also felt in Gurgaon and Noida. There a buzz on social media with people reporting the earthquake, by instantly sending #earthquake to the top trends.

Delhi has jolted a series of earthquakes last month. It was hit by a low magnitude earthquake of 2.2 on May 15 which was the fourth one
since April 12. A medium-intensity earthquake of magnitude 3.4 hit Delhi on May 10 near Wazipur in Northeast Delhi. Wazipur and the
nearby areas were reported as the epicentre of the quake. According to the Delhi Disaster Management Authority, seismicity around Delhi
appears to be associated with a major geological structure known as the Delhi-Hardwar Ridge.

An earthquake of magnitude 2.8 hit Delhi in 2004. Another quake of 3.4 was recorded in 2001. The major quakes recorded near the
the national capital was at Bulandshahr of magnitude 6.7 on October 10, 1956, and at Mordabad of magnitude 5.8 on August 15, 1966.

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