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Employees earning more than ₹50000 has been send on leave without pay by Spicejet


Due to Lockdown many employees are affected financially and they are given leave and send to their native. In some government approved company are running during this lockdown by giving wages. There are given a leave twice in the week and going to company for two days. Even though they are given the full salary. But the lockdown is extended, many private limited are given leave. the country is affected financially. So, the employees earning more than ₹50000 are given leave without any wages.


This is the against humanity. As, they are earning more than ₹50000, they must be the savings for future. Some loans and other savings are put in the other properties.
But it’s inhuman, They may be spent on their children education. somehow they earnings are spend. Though they are working hard to earn, it is gone without staying in hand.

“Price of the product increases”

Now a days, the producers are increasingly the price of the products. It is very difficult to overcome. Though they are getting more than ₹50000, it is impossible to beat the economy. Even though they are trying to save they earning, It is impossible in present day. so, it is offensive. Only few will have they savings. Not everyone. producers should reduce the price of the products considering the individual annual income. For they profit, any families are suffering without their daily needs. This announcement should be cancelled by considering the well being of individual.

Trade was largely affected because of pandemic disease, trade ministries are expected to meet soon to access the impact of pandemic on global trade. Financial services are provided by Global Trade, Transport and Global banking. This three were stopped for three months and can extend, which drop the country financially. To avoid unnecessary inference with Traffic and Trade, It had been stopped. Trade ministries should take a alternatives to develop the nation. This was made use by producers. SO, the price of the goods should be reduced. If it continues there will have many problems in the society and many will lose their life.

“Financially crises”

They provide a flow of vital medical supplies and other goods to over come the global economic slowdown. G20 submit also said, their will provide emergency measures aimed to protecting health will be targeted, proportionate, transparent and temporary. Many individuals were struggling for the basic requirements of life due to Covid-19, so their asked help to promote the welfare of nation to International Monetary fund and to world health organisation.

They also came forward to beat the financial crises. International monetary fund counteract the social, economic and financial impacts oof the pandemic, The nation resolve timely and transparent information. These organisation will stand to develop the economical drop-down. There remove the gap between the crises and the world health organisation. Not only their helps India, due pandemic Covid-19 entire world is threaded. So, they will provide the financial support to the nation. In G20, countries concentrated on china, France and Spain. where the drop-down is very high. The countries with the financial standard will come forward to overcome the problem in that summit.


They should be given leave by checking their financial background. Each employee should be taken into Consideration because it will affect world wide. Many citizens in India are till suffering to support their families. In this situation, this act will largely affects the Individual. after they are checked financial, then for that employees it can be applicable. Not for all.

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