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Enforcement Directorate headquarters in South Delhi sealed for 2 days after several staff members tested positive for Covid-19

The Enforcement Directorate (ED) headquarters in South Delhi was sealed for two days after founding the several staff members tested positive for the novel coronavirus. Along with these employees, another 10 people who have come into contact with the infected officials have also been quarantined. It has been revealed that among those who tested positive are the Special Director and Investigating officer who was handling the aviation scam involving the corporate lobbyist Deepak Talwar. The whole office was been sanitised on Friday, but after finding the employees tested positive for COVID-19, the entire office got sealed on Saturday and Sunday.

As per the sources, they have provided us with the information that the enforcement directorate operates from two floors at the Loknayak Bhawan and at that time only one floor of the ED office had been sealed. People working in the legal section have also tested COVID-19 positive so now, the office has been shut down for the deep sanitization. An official member told that ” recently, one of the junior-rank officers who work at the establishment branch of the headquarters had tested positive for the virus as he was on the duty working for the investigative agency from a paramilitary force”. The Enforcement Directorate, a central agency which investigates about the money laundering and crimes activity sanitizes its building twice a week and only those staff members report to the office who are being required to work on a specific day.

Apart from this, it has been found on Monday that the other four employees of the Department of Revenue of the Finance Ministry also tested positive for COVID-19. In an office memorandum, the official department told that the entire building of the North block will be deeply sanitised. It has been revealed that among those members who have been tested positive for the pandemic disease i.e. Coronavirus, two members are working on a contractual basis. Employees were found infected from this Covid-19 after the agency carried out section-wise testing at its headquarters in the wake of some coronavirus matters being reported from other floors of the Lok Nayak Bhawan located in the Khan Market, where the Enforcement Directorate office is situated.

It has been stated by the official members that, “all the employees of enforcement directorate who were found infected with Covid-19 after the proactive testing are asymptomatic” but for their safety purpose they have been admitted to the isolation facilities for the treatment. It has been expected that the office of the Enforcement Directorate will recommence its operations from Monday onwards. Employees tested positive for Covid-19 are not coming to the office anymore as they have been advised to take the safety precautions for the speedy recovery. To stop the spreading of this pandemic infectious virus, few guidelines have been set up such as sanitising the enforcement directorate headquarters twice a week and all the documents. Before handing any letter or official document to the officers and other staff members it is been sanitised.

The Enforcement Directorate is the central agency which works on cases such as investigating the money laundering activities, black money and other suspicious activities which involve transactions making outside the conventional banking system. The prime objective of the ED is the enforcement of two key Acts of the government of India known as the Foreign exchange management act and the prevention of the money laundering activities. It is a law enforcement agency and economic intelligence agency whose responsibility is to apply laws and fighting against the economic crime happening in India. Till now, India has been registered with a total of 9887 new Covid-19 cases and 294 deaths in the past 24 hours as per the latest data provided by the health ministry on Saturday so as per that, the recovery rate of India is around 48 per cent.

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