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Facebook calls off all the large physical events through June 2021

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, in a post on his official Facebook page, said that-
“Even beyond this next period, guidance from health experts is that it might not be advisable to possess large groups of individuals get together for a short time . Given this, we are cancelling any large physical events we had planned with 50 or more people through June 2021. Some of these we’ll hold as virtual events instead and we’ll share more details thereon soon. Similarly, we are extending our policy of no business travel through at least June of this year as well.”

Apart from this, he also mentioned that the cancellation include the Oculus Connect 7 virtual reality conference in San Jose, which is being replaced by a virtual conference.
Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Facebook has already cancelled this year’s F8 developers conference, which was supposed to be held on May 5th and 6th,2021.
Microsoft has already cancelled all its events. They will conduct all their events online till 2021. After Microsoft, Facebook has also cancelled all their future events until June 2021.

Facebook is actually pausing their plans to have employees return to the office amid the COVID-19 crisis. According to Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO, a small percent of employees may be able to return sooner but they don’t except to have everyone back in their offices for some time. Those staff who would be coming back to offices earlier include engineers of complex hardware departments and content reviewers working on counter-terrorism efforts or suicide and self-harm prevention.

Mark Zuckerberg also added that-
“Most Facebook employees are fortunate to be able to work productively from home, so we feel a responsibility to allow folks that don’t have this flexibility to access shared public resource first. I hope this helps contain the spread of COVID-19 so we will keep our communities safe and obtain copy and running again soon.”

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