Kiku Sharda misses his partner Sunil Grover on the ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ says, ” We were once famous as Laurel and Hardy of TV”

Kiku Sharda is one of the most well-known names in the world of acting and comedy. His sense of humour is appreciated by many people. He has been in the entertainment industry for almost a decade now.

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The actor, who has given television viewers a number of the foremost hilarious characters on TV like Gulgule from FIR, Palak, Bumper and Baccha Yadav is missing working with The Kapil Sharma Show family a lot during the COVID-19 lockdown. The actor recently gave a live interview and described his work and his art. He also said in the interview that his younger son is quite funny like him.

Kiku also shared that he misses working together with his former co-star Sunil Grover and the way they were once called the Laurel and Hardy of television. The famous duo had a brilliant dynamic on TV and gave us some unique character pairs in The Kapil Sharma Show like Palak (Kiku)-Gutthi (Sunil), Rinku (Sunil)-Santosh Bhabhi (Kiku) and Bumper (Kiku)-Dr. Mashoor Gulati (Sunil).

When asked if he misses Sunil Grover, Kiku told Times of India in an interview, “Oh yeah! I miss Sunil Grover. Such a fine talent Mr Grover is. We have played so many characters together. We had become a popular pair on TV. We have played Palak-Gutthi, Rinku-Santosh Bhabhi, Bumper-Dr. Mashoor Gulati. We were once famous as Laurel and Hardy of TV. We had developed a great bonding also working together. Visually also, we looked great together. The characters were cute and happy. I miss working with him and that i have utmost respect for that man. He is a very talented guy.”

He also mentioned that he was missing his TKKS family. He further said that “ For us shooting for The Kapil Sharma Show is sort of a get together of an enormous family and may be a very enjoyable process.
I don’t think I laugh so much anywhere else this much. When we sit with the writers to discuss the scripts or acts numerous funny things begin and therefore the entire process is so funny that the whole experience becomes enjoyable. The whole day becomes so much fun. Whether we are shooting, are in chaos or discussing scripts, we’ve a lot of fun and luxuriate in each other’s company. i’m missing the method , shoots, audience, applause from them, my co-stars and everything related to TKSS.”

In the interview, he also explained the process of ‘becoming’ one of his characters. For
instance, he said that wearing a saree for playing the character of Pankhuri was the most
difficult part. He also mentioned that he shares a great bond with Kapil Sharma and all the other cast members.

At the end of the interview, he asks people to not take life too seriously. He asks them to be happy and make others happy.

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