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Fashion group ARMANI converts plants to produce Medical all over


At the end of 2019,during the December month a suspicious virus was detected in Wuhan a city in the Hubei province of China. The China government tried to cover this issue but, it rapidly spread resulting in an epidemic throughout China, followed by an increasing of Number of cases in other countries throughout out the world. They named the viruses as coronavirus, as an important human and animal pathogen. In February 2020 ,the World Health Organisation designated the disease as Covid-19, which stands for coronavirus 2019. As the outbreak of Covid-19, country’s all over the world is facing a severe economic breakdown due to the overall shutdown. In this scenario, the Armani group who are the leading Italian luxury fashion house, which deals with designs, manufactures, distributes and retails clothes has decided to protect the healthcare workers engaged in the fight against Covid-19 .

“Italy death toll”

Italy’s Covid-19 has reached over 92,472 infectious cases, 10,023 death and 12,384 recovered cases. Schools ,universities and cinema halls have been closed and several other public events been cancelled. The Italy lockdown has no effect on the spread of the virus, even when people are asked to stay home they are found on the roads due to the government has taken severe steps and started acting non-violent. In this situation, there are still many unknown about virus and in particular its origin and its spread.

“What is the use of Medical over all?”

Medical overall are generally created to ensure a high level of protection during work activity. Actually they protect the body like piece protective equipment. It is useful for the Medical professionals and even to protect the patients from contamination.

The Medical over all mostly contain :

  • Surgical caps
  • Safety googles and force shields
  • Masks
  • Gloves
  • Scrubs
  • Surgical Gowns.

Due to the low availability of this Medical over all ,Doctors are under high risk

“Armani Plant Conversion”

Armani group is the one of leading fashion brand in Italy. Italy has replaced the position of China in terms of death toll, where till last week china was on the top, the birth place of Covid-19. The Armani group as decided to convert all of their manufacturing industries to manufactures protective gares for the Medical professionals. This is not a easy decision for the Armani group cause this may affect their branding of fashioned clothes. This protective gares are of single use specially designed for the doctors and nurses who are fighting again Covid-19. This news was officially declared by the designer Giorgio Armani on 27th March . He officially stated that they are expected to start producing million of protective face masks,with aim of making Italy self sufficient for their fight.

“Armani’s Donation “

Giorgio Armani, who formed his company in 1975, has also contributed $2.2 million to hospitals throughout Italy to help with healthcare related to the virus. The Armani group also include Emporio Armani, Armani Jeans, Armani Junior, and Armani Exchange. This fund if used properly there will be slight growth in the recovery cases.




Covid-19 virus is becoming the biggest threat to the world. The WHO has still many question on how to solve the increasing cases. So they say prevention is better than cure. As the cure or Vaccine has still not been found. Better than getting affected it is better to stay home and stay safe. In spite of this outbreak we need to take time and appreciate our doctor’s and nurses for their dedication level. They are working 24×7 for the welfare of the people. The initiative taken by the Armani group is worth appreciating , a fashion tycoon.

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