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“Mahindra & Mahindra Group Manufacture Prototype Ventilator, say it will cost Rs. 7,500”

In these dire times when India’s medical sector lacks equipment and adequate
infrastructure, philanthropists
are stepping forward to help the doctors fight this
pandemic. Doctors have been constantly demanding more infrastructure and masks as India is ill-equipped to deal with a pandemic of this scale. Many influential individuals have stepped forward to provide funds to the medical sector through the PM Cares Fund in order to help provide relief in dealing with the expensive treatment of this virus.

As of now, India has 40,000 ventilators all over the country. Though cases recorded as of 28 March 2020 were 873, the fast-growing numbers indicate that these ventilators may not be enough in a ‘worst-case scenario.’ COVID-19 attacks the respiratory system and thus, ventilators are of the utmost importance.

“Ambu Bag”

Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd, the group that recently declared that they would help in
the domestic manufacturing of ventilators on 22 March 2020 owing to the growing
number of cases in the country, which has developed a prototype, namely the ‘Ambu
Bag’ which a valve mask. This artificial manual breathing unit is said to be a
self-inflating device to help patients suffering from respiratory discomfort breathe
better. The estimated cost of this Ambu Bag is said to be less than Rs. 7,500, as stated
by M&M Group. The Group aims to prevent the shortage of ventilators with the mass
indigenous manufacturing of this device.

In India, ventilators cost around Rs 10 lakh, thus making the Ambu Bag more feasible in trying times. This approach and the process was announced to the public in a series of tweets by Anand Mahindra.

M&M is working with two state-owned companies and an unnamed ventilator manufacturer to simplify design and scale-up production of ventilators in India, Goenka said.

This prototype was manufactured by an engineering team based in Igatpur, Nashik and Kandivali, Mumbai and was able to develop the Ambu Bag within almost 48 hours.

Mahindra said, “ The Ambu bag developed in-house is a game-changer.” Further, he mentioned in a tweet that it could cost less than ₹7,500 and thus help a large number of people. “We are simultaneously working with an indigenous maker of ICU ventilators. These are sophisticated machines costing ₹5-10 lakh. This device is an interim lifesaver and the team estimates that it will cost below ₹7,500,” Mahindra had tweeted.



“We will seek guidance from specialists on the usefulness of the device,” he also said. The company hopes to have the prototype ready within three days for approval, Pawan Goenka, managing director, M&M, had said. Once the testing is done and it is proven, it will be available for mass manufacturing.


If successful and approved, this will bring a lot of relief to doctors who are struggling to care for patients in hospitals due to a lack of ventilators and facilities. Though the government allocated Rs 15,000 crores, this amount may be insufficient for the entire country. The Honorable Prime Minister has urged the public to stand in solidarity against his pandemic and help our medical sector the best we can. Mahindra & Mahindra Group also offered to provide their hospitality services to help the government and doctors in dealing with the situation.

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