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Final students anticipate communication from recruiters, worried about reduced offers

As a student, one can say that there’s a long list of expectations from the recruiters during the whole job/interview thing. Students are already stressed out about their future expectations and job and then the of negligence by the recruiters do not give a worthwhile experience.

Candidates are well aware of the fact that recruiters have tons of other people to deal with but they would appreciate a reply, they would like to know about their job status so that, they could move further. Even if they are rejected they want to know or what is their status among others they are standing up against. Also, there are times when candidates does not even know why he/she was not considered for the job because the short listing criteria was not shared by the recruiters and due to this they are not able to work on their soft or technical skills because they don’t know what went wrong. In order to avoid giving negative experience to the candidate, recruiters should make the use of technology and ensure fast communication and clear the doubts of the students/candidates.

Reduced offers from the recruiters are a big deal for the students and can lead to applicant drop off. Students invest their time and money in education anticipating a good salary but reduced offers by the recruiters put their career on stake. The in hand salary, important figures when mixed with performance based incentives or other variable components leads to degradation in the working efficiency and performance of a candidate. The prior information about the salary and compensation package is good for both the parties. Multiple screening helps in selecting the candidates according to their calibre and provide the deserved package.

Recruiters ‘ghosting’ right after hiring or during the recruitment process without sending an email or any form of communication can weaken the trust of the candidate. Proper communication should be developed and candidates should be informed because the final year under-graduates are very naive and vulnerable to exploitation which can give them a bad experience and bad experience is not even good for the candidate but also for the brand image.

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