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Twitter says that it will now label the tweets that could potentially mislead users

It has been said by twitter that specific labels and tags will be placed for the fake
information or if any news is misleading in any manner. This will be done specially
for COVID 19 information that is more likely to be misleading and can cause harmful
after effects. This is an extension in the policy of twitter and its guidance that had
been announced in a march to address the content that goes directly against the
guidance of COVID 19 from the authoritative resources of a global and local pandemic.
To further move it we will be using these labels and warnings to clarify and explain
the situation and the risk associated with the tweet that is not as severe but still can
mislead or confuse the people in some or the other way.

These labels will be linked to a page that is curated by twitter or external trusted
sources that will be providing additional information about the claims that have been
made in the tweet. “these labels will provide information to the people that the tweet
conflicts with public health experts guidance before they view it.”
The three things that will be taken action upon are misleading tweets unverified
claims and disputed claims as well.

The statements or assertions that will be confirmed to be misleading or false by the
experts of the subject matter. Disputed claims handle those in which the trustability
credibility and accuracy of the claim are unknown. The unverified claims include the
information that is not confirmed while the time it is being shared.

Twitter says that it will stop the spread of such tweets on the platform and warn the
users to take it at face value. They will be relying on internal systems and on the
fact-checking partners to identify the content that is likely to cause offline harm.
“Given the dynamic situation, we will review and label the content and make it a
priority to do so for all the tweets like this that could lead to increased exposure” said

Orange, yellow, and red labels will be put on such misleading tweets for now
determining the action that will be taken by twitter on them. Further to add on twitter
said that it will be introducing new labels to give context around unverified and
misleading claims. The system introduced is similar to what has been the aid to deep
fakes and synthetic media on the platform.

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