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Flipkart says, ‘We are waiting for advisories from different states on resuming full services’

As the new guidelines of lockdown are out, Flipkart has been waiting for the advisories to open full services. According to Union Home Ministry’s order on Sunday, “all other activities will be permitted, except those which are specifically prohibited” till May 31 for now.

However, every territory is going to assess itself and apply any different restrictions that are needed other than the guidelines of lockdown 4.0.

“Post the govt of India’s guidelines last evening, we are awaiting the advisories from different states. We will still add accordance with the directives from the govt and native authorities while serving customers, sellers through our safe supply chain,” a Flipkart Group spokesperson said. “Our seller support team is providing on-ground support to sellers to assist them to resume operations swiftly and make products available for the consumers during this time of need…,” the spokesperson said.

“We welcome the efforts by the governments at Centre and states in progressively charting out a lockdown exit plan and allowing e-commerce to serve the consumers with their varied product needs altogether the classified zones, except containment zones,” the spokesperson added.

Supposedly, Until now e-business was only delivering essential grocery items and healthcare materials. This guideline updated in lockdown 3.0 for the orange and green zones which could order everything online. Thus guideline is gonna entail around 6 lakh retailers, thereby helping in building the economy. Since the lockdown, it has been downhill for the e-business as selling of essential items didn’t make that much money.

Paytm Mall saw a 50 per cent increase in sales for products like shavers, trimmers, epilators, hair straighteners and styling products and hair dryers, from May. Most trimmers were sold in cities like Lucknow, Raipur, Guwahati, Belgaum, Nagpur, Surat, and other smaller cities.
“We believe the lockdown has made people realize in metros also as smaller cities that private grooming products should be kept handy. We think the demand for these products is about to rise further over subsequent few weeks and post that it might remain consistently high,” Srinivas Mothey, Senior Vice President of Paytm Mall, said.

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