Kriti Sanon cooks KHOW SUEY, shares video on Instagram. Check it out here…

Due to this coronavirus lockdown, many of us turned into chef as we have extra time to spend more time in the kitchens.

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Well, celebrities also are not different in this case. Many of them are cooking delicious & tasty recipes and sharing with us regularly through social media handles.

Kriti Sanon is also among them. Kriti shared a video post her Instagram in which she cooked ‘khow Suey’. Khow Suey is a Burmese noodle dish served with spiced coconut curry.

No doubt, The dish of this video which was shot by her sister Nupur Sanon will leave you hungry.

In this clip, Kriti is pouring coconut curry over boiled noodles in a bowl and then adds several condiments to enhance the flavour.

At last, she finishes with squeezing a lemon on top.

By sharing this video post she writes a caption, “Khow Suey in khau Gali for Maha khaau people”.

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She also wrote #kritical cooking by me and she thanked fitness trainer Yasmin Karachi Wala for sharing this recipe.

Before this, Kriti Sanon had baked a chocolate tart for her mom on mother’s day.

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