From Anushka Sharma to Akshay Kumar, the fraternity celebrates “FATHER’S DAY 2021”.

For every child, their father is their hero, superman, inspiration, idol, and everything. Every father holds a special corner in their child’s heart.

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From Anushka Sharma to Akshay Kumar, the fraternity celebrates "FATHER'S DAY 2021".

Father are those who don’t only give us their last name but they also sacrifice their whole life just for our happiness because for every father his child becomes his first priority.

He can put himself in any situation just to see a curvy smile on his child’s face. Only that saplings turn into a big tree, whose roots gets strong.

Fathers are those roots of the family who always helps the tree to grow, who always helps his family to grow, to glow, to shine. Father makes home heaven.

The root lies in mud and fruits lies on the tree. Our father faces all the obstacles to keep their family, problem-free Anushka, Kareena, Sonam and many celebs pens a beautiful and emotional note for their fathers.

Father is not just a word, it’s an emotion and today we can see that everyone is pouring out their love and emotion for their fathers.

Anushka wishes Virat also a very Happy Father’s Day as it’s his first father’s day. Fathers are the strength of their child.

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