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Gauri Khan has kept a ‘mannat’ for son Aryan Khan’s bail.

The Aryan Khan Drug Case has been taking shape for quite some days. However, these few days there was no news or reaction from the Khan family. Recently, it has been reported that the family is going through a lot. Aryan Khan being involved in drugs, has also an adverse effect on his younger siblings. 

Gauri Khan has kept a 'mannat' for son Aryan Khan's bail.

Amidst all of these problems, Gauri Khan has decided to keep a mannat. A mannat is something where you take a vow, ask God for a wish, and follow through with that vow. Apparently, Gauri Khan has stopped taking sugar ever since Navaratri.  

Regarding Khan’s case, the senior advocate Amit Desai stated “The fundamental argument is that there was a rave party. I was not found with anything. I cannot be held responsible. There is nothing on the phone about the messages about the rave party. This young man was overseas for a while. In those countries sometimes a lot of things are legitimate. I don’t know what kind of chats there are. I have not seen it. The possibility of conspiracy and speculation cannot hold me back in this case.” He concluded by saying, “Let him be a free man. Let strict conditions be imposed upon him. But this is a fit case for bail. Even if 37(2) I have satisfied requirements under that and there are no antecedents.

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