Global Solidarity To Covid-19: The U.N. General Assembly Has Adopted Its First Resolution To Fighting The Covid-19 Pandemic

International cooperation” and multilateralism” is the approved resolution for the fight against Corona virus by the U.N. general assembly. This resolution was approved by consensus although it was opposed by Russia and four other countries. This resolution was reached on Thursday.

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The resolution stresses the full need of respect of human rights, and tolerates no form of Xenophobia, discrimination and racism. The resolution was backed by 188 other the U.N body’s 193 members with the exception of Russia and fourth other countries. The resolution was described as an important step in the fight against the pandemic and its economic and social consequences.

The document warns that poor and vulnerable are the most affected by the pandemic. The resolution was titled “Global solidarity to fight the Corona virus disease (Covid-19)”. The resolution asks countries to tackle the pandemic by working together, sharing information, best practices and scientific information. The resolution was sponsored by Norway, Liechtenstein, Ghana, India, Singapore and Switzerland. Russia’s text which was rejected discussed and implicit demand for a general lifting of international sanctions. The resolution also calls upon the United Nations system to work together in order to mobilize a coordinated global response to the pandemic and its effect on the society.
The U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres outlined a three point call to action “based on science, solidarity and smart policies”. These points were

  • Recover better
  • Suppress transmission of the virus
  • Tackle the devastating social and economic dimensions of the crisis.

The U.N. chief also talked about the importance of early testing, complemented by quarantines , treatment and measures to keep first responders safe. Despite the lockdown imposed the virus has still claimed many lives.

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