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Google Summer internship programme 2020 will be virtual and will have open source projects

Thousands of young people can join now Google from their homes in 43 countries for the summer internship as in-person classes and graduation ceremonies have been cancelled.

This is the first year when Google summer internship programme would be virtual and various technical internships would concentrate on open source projects.

On Friday, Google stated that even though many elements of the programme remain the same with interns working from home, the company had to make some adjustments.

In a statement, the company said, “Interns won’t have the benefit of working next to experienced Googlers in a traditional office environment, which in turn impacts the kinds of projects they can work on.”

For product’s underlying code to be made available for anyone to work on Open source model is provided, so even though interns didn’t have access to specific technical resources in a Google office, they could still participate in meaningful projects.

Google has been a huge contributor to open source, and projects like Android and Chromium are now widely recognized around the globe.
Google has released thousands of open source projects since the last two decades and approximately 2,600 are still active.

With a contribution to Google-created projects like TensorFlow, Kubernetes, Istio, Chromium, Apache Beam, and OSS-Fuzz, the interns will undertake projects to support Covid-19 response efforts, comprising of integrating Covid-19 data into the Data Commons and contributing to the COVID Severity project.

Google stated that there are more than 1,000 technical interns who are actively contributing to open-source projects.

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