Nursing Homes in the national capital with 10 to 49 beds turned into Covid-19 facilities

The corona positive cases are rising at an alarming rate. Almost 36 thousand are tested positive. And to avoid the mix up in the situation, NCT has come up with a situation.

To avoid the mixing up of Covid-19 patients with other patients and to ramp up the bed capacity in the national capital amid the steady spike in infections, the Delhi government has issued an order stating that nursing homes in the National Capital Territory with a capacity of 10-49 beds will now be considered as Covid-19 treatment centres.

“In order to avoid intermingling of COVID and non-COVID patients in small and medium multispecialty nursing homes (10 bedded to 49 bedded) and also to augment the bed capacity for COVID-19 patients, all nursing homes in NCT having bed strength of 10 beds or more up to 49 beds are declared as COVID nursing homes,” the Delhi government order read.

The state government has also mentioned that all the Pvt and govt hospitals with around 50 bedding services are supposed to embark or reserve 20% of the beds for the covid-19 patients.