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Harbhajan Singh reveals MS Dhoni was a very shy guy in his initial years, started opening up after the 2008 series in Australia

After the controversial Australia series of 2008 in Sydney, dhoni began to open up with the other teammates as well, said the world cup winning off-spinner Harbhajan Singh. He told that MS Dhoni was a very shy guy and did not hang out much at the beginning of his career on overseas tours.

The things, however, took a turn after the controversial Sydney tour where Harbhajan Singh was accused of the use of racial abusive insult against Andrew Symonds.
While talking to the sports producer, Rupha Ramani on an Instagram live for Chennai super kings stated how the test match brought everyone close together and the impact on MS Dhoni after which he started opening to the rest of the teammates. Harbhajan Singh said that they were a group of 5 including him, Yuvraj Singh, Sachin Tendulkar, zahir khan, and Ashish Nehra that were hanging out together on the overseas group.
“We played a lot of cricket together, we have toured a lot of countries together. West indies, new Zealand, Australia, Sri Lanka. Dhoni was a very shy guy and never used to come to our rooms. He used to be on his own. We used to hang out with Sachin, Zaheer Ashish, and Yuvi.

After the Sydney series happened it made us believe that we are together in this and
brought all fo us closer together and from that time he started opening up a bit and started sitting with us. Of course, he was a young guy.
After he became the captain of the team, he was shy and quiet. he believed in giving space to his teammates. Whenever he had some suggestions to share he came to us and never told us what field to set and what not to.”

Not just me but Depak Chahar gave everything the freedom he needed to explore himself
and that is something everyone should learn from him giving a bowler or batsmen the space they need to be themselves.

Meanwhile, Harbhajan Singh also recalled feeling strange when he first time wore the CSK
jersey in Indian premier league after he spent a period of 10 years in Mumbai Indians and starting to like the rivalry between the teams of India and Pakistan.
First time I was like what is this? Is it a dream? It was like playing an India Pakistan match when playing with CSK. it was very tough. And suddenly not wearing blue and not yellow made it very strange and difficult to get used to for me.

And fortunately, we played the first match against Mumbai which made me thankful for it to get over early than expected. the first season was difficult but we made through it, the
the second season was easy to go through.

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