BIGG BOSS 14- Housemates call Rubina Dilaik “image-conscious” as she gets the most thorns in recent nominations task…

Actor Rubina Dilaik isn’t much picky about either concept of a show or character she’s portraying. Having played varied roles on the small screen from a docile wife to a quirky Punjabi girl, to a fun-loving genie and a transgender, to she says it’s in the hands of the performer to make any character “larger than life”.

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She explains, “It’s not like that the character needs to be different and the story needs to be out-of-the-box, and only then I’ll do it. I believe that actors can breathe life into any character. Daily soap is more about the reliability of the character than anything else.

Unlike many others who have spoken about TV content becoming regressive, Dilaik has a different take on the subject. She opines that there are a variety of shows on TV that cater to different sensibilities and audiences.

Now, if these shows are enjoying good TRPs, that means people are watching them. I understand if people want the TV to do better work, but pulling (the medium) down every single time isn’t the right approach. I prefer concentrating on my performance and leave the rest to the audience,” she says.

Dilaik says they should work towards making things better and not keep complaining. The 33-year-old elaborates, “Those who’ve done TV and are now saying they don’t want to be a part of it because they think the content here is getting regressive, that I’d say is hypocrisy. This might just be an excuse for transitioning to other mediums or maybe when certain projects don’t materialise, they end up saying such things. Aap apni Karan Bhoomi ke baare mein yeh kaise bol sakte ho? Why don’t you be the change that you want to see?” she asks.

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