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How many businesses does Anushka Sharma own?

The Indian film business is well-known for Anushka Sharma. She has grown to be one of Bollywood’s most adored and acclaimed actresses because of her acting prowess and gorgeous appearance. She has become a household name thanks to more than just her ability, as evidenced by her enormous net worth of Rs. 255 crores. Let’s look at Anushka Sharma’s earnings overall and her project-by-project compensation as she approaches her 35th birthday on May 1

How many businesses does Anushka Sharma own?

Anushka Sharma is one of Bollywood’s highest-paid actresses, allegedly charging between Rs. 12 and 15 crores for each film. Anushka has started a number of enterprises and is a successful entrepreneur as well. She has a production firm called Clean Slate Films that has worked on successful films including NH10, Phillauri, and Pari, as well as her own clothing brand called Nush. Women who want to dress comfortably yet look fashionable are the brand’s target market.

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