What is Malaika Arora’s daily diet for being so “young” at this age?

Bollywood star Malaika Arora encourages her followers to maintain a healthy lifestyle, eat well, and engage in exercise or yoga to bring harmony to their bodies, mind, and spirit. The actor feels that changing one’s lifestyle for the better transforms a person into their ideal self.

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What is Malaika Arora's daily diet for being so "young" at this age?

Malaika continues to be a fierce competitor for young performers even at the age of 48. She undoubtedly possesses one of B-town’s fittest bodies. But what is the hidden meaning? We present some pointers from Malaika’s everyday activities that may encourage you to live healthily.

DIET- Malaika revealed that she has a balanced lunch every day that typically consists of some excellent fats and carbohydrates like chicken and rice, whole grains, or vegetables. “I eat a very light, nutritious snack in the evening. And I eat supper at seven o’clock,” she said.

The actor says that a person’s meal may include a little bit of everything, including veggies, meat, eggs, or even legumes or lentils if they consume meat. Malaika typically chooses a bowl of soup with boiled vegetables or a dish of salad on days when she wants to make supper simple.

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