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How much Salman Khan earns per episode of Bigg Boss?

Call it the Dabangg of Bollywood or the Sultan nowadays. Salman Khan is such a star in Bollywood whose name is enough to make a film hit. Salman has been ruling Bollywood for the last several years. But he did not get this fame and status just like this, but after being rejected many times and not listening from many places, he has brought himself to this point. Let us know the story of the struggle of Salman playing in billions, as well as how much Salman, who played in crores, used to earn during his struggle.

How much Salman Khan earns per episode of Bigg Boss?

Salman took only 75 rupees to appear in front of the camera for the first time. But at that time hardly anyone recognized Salman, in fact, Salman had gone to the Taj Hotel with a friend, where he danced in a stage show, during which he got 75 rupees. If you remember the old Campa Cola advertisement in which Salman is seen swimming. He had taken 750 rupees for that advertisement. After this Salman’s fee increased to Rs 1,500.

Salman Khan is currently the most expensive film star of Bollywood, whose fee for a film is around 60 crores. Salman charges around 11 crores for coming on TV and around 3 to 4 crores for hosting an award show. Along with this, they also take the same amount for dancing at a wedding. Salman takes around 5 to 6 crores for advertisements. Salman was also placed on the list of highest-paid actors by the famous magazine Forbes.


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