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How much was Sara Ali Khan charged for atrangi re?

Sara Ali Khan, one of the popular and well-known young Bollywood actresses, has been in Bollywood for only a few years, despite this, she has made a different identity in Bollywood today and in her career of only a few years, she has made a lot of difference. Fan following has also been achieved, which is why there is a line of makers to cast Sara Ali Khan in their film.

How much was Sara Ali Khan charged for atrangi re?

According to reports, although Sara Ali Khan charges an average of 3 crores for a film, she has increased her fees for the film ‘Atrangi Re’ and according to the news, Sara Ali Khan for the film ‘Atrangi Re5 crores is charging.

Let us tell you that the film ‘Atrangi Re‘ is a big-budget film and in this film, Sara Ali Khan is seen working with talented stars like Dhanush, Akshay Kumar and Aanand L Rai for the first time. This is the reason that the film ‘Atrangi Re‘ is a very important film for Sara Ali Khan. According to reports, a lot of hard work has been done by Sara Ali Khan to work with talented actors and if you watch the film carefully, Sara Ali Khan does something different from all the characters she has done in her acting career so far. Appears to have happened.

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