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I am my own Godfather in Bollywood: Yami Gautam

The gorgeous and radiant Yami Gautam, who recently sat down for an interview with a news portal where she talked about her experience in the industry as an outsider and without any influence on the inside or without having a Godfather. She also reminisced her memories about her debut which was almost a decade ago, but she still considers ‘Bala’ as the movie which gave her her big break in the industry. The actress, however, faced a lot of hurdles during the casting as the crew could never picture her having a role in the movie and they made it a point to make sure that the director, Amir Kaushik was aware of the same. The director eventually came around to giving her the role after one reading of the script.

I am my own Godfather in Bollywood: Yami Gautam

Further, she elaborated on not having a godfather and proceeded to add how she considers herself to be her own godfather. The actress considers her family to be her entire support system and revealed how the industry can be a very confusing place even after spending years in Bollywood. She is often given advice about her career but only chooses to follow the ones she can connect with on a personal level. The actress will be next seen in ‘Bhoot Police‘ opposite Saif Ali Khan, Arjun Kapoor and Jacqueline Fernandez.


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