ICMR tells states to return the rapid antibody test kits as the results are not satisfactory

The Indian council of medical research has asked the states to return the antibody test kits because the kits aren’t providing satisfactory results and leaving the doctors in doubt
during such a hyper situation.

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The kits were purchased from two Chinese companies namely Wondfo biotics and Livzon
diagnostics. A number of 5 lakh kits were purchased from the companies, but when they turned out to be ineffective, they were advised to be returned without any further use of the kits on patients.

The states first made a complaint about the kits to be not working properly after which the ICMR asked them to return the kits to the two Chinese companies as soon as possible.

The test kits do not show a specific result rather they are showing a wide variation due to
their inner malfunctioning which cannot be a signal of assurance that the patient tested with it is symptomatic or not.

ICMR said that the best way to test for coronavirus is the RT-PCR swab test. So from now
on until the best and most accurate kits are developed the doctors and another medical
practitioner staff is advised to carry on the testing of coronavirus through the swab test itself.

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