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Virat Kohli, AB de Villiers to raise funds against covid 19

That was also the green game, where we did our part to raise awareness about the environment”, AB de Villiers told Virat Kohli.

The duo had an interactive live session where they raised awareness about the COVID 19 outbreak on Friday 24th April, Virat Kohli was joined by ABde Villiers on Instagram live.” we have had a few goods knocks together, I will never forget that there is one particular knock I can remember, the one against Gujarat lions in 2016. The partnership was an enjoyable one against Gujarat lions. If I can remember correctly, I got 120-odd and you also got your hundred right at the end where I gave you the strike. That doesn’t happen every day where I batsman get hundreds in the same game

“Then I was thinking we could make a difference. That’s why I told you to get hold of that bat. I know you keep your bats, I have the green shirt as well, I remember I got you to sign the shirt, I have also signed the shirt. I have got a shirt and my bat and I am going to get hold of your bat and the gloves. I know it’s a big package. The plan is to get on an online auction platform. I know there are a lot of collectors around the world that wouldn’t beat, I will through in mine as well he added.


“People will go there and bid all the proceeds will go towards the Covid – 19 issue for a cause that goes towards getting food on people’s tables. I’m thinking of sharing the proceeds with you so that we can use it in India and South Africa. 50-50,” said AB de Villiers.

AB stated that, whatever the amount they get, that will be divided into two halves and which can be used in both India and South Africa. They got a good decision. ” That amazing fact you also share a part of it for India. Quite an amazing gesture. I got the stuff that you asked from me,” said Virat kohli.while their fans commented,” our king Kholi is incredible AB de Villiers and Virat Kohli together are just unbelievable.No one can be replace them. May bless them forever.” Kholi and AB de Villiers had a mammoth 229- run partnership for the second wicket.

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