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‘I’ll enter politics if people want me, just like Thalaivi’: Kangana Ranaut

The Thalaivi starring Kangana Ranaut has drawn a lot of questions towards Ranaut about her intentions to join the politics of India. On Tuesday the actress was part of the press event in Delhi, where she received a lot of questions regarding whether or not she harbours any political aspirations to which she replied with, ‘“I am a nationalist and I talk about issues related to the country, so people think I talk about political issues. Maybe it’s the same thing, but not for me, because I am not a politician. I talk as a responsible citizen and a person who has been elevated to celebrity status by the people. So I talk about the rights of the people and the country‘.

'I'll enter politics if people want me, just like Thalaivi' : Kangana Ranaut

She further added, ‘Whether I can become a politician or not, that’s not in my hands. You cannot even have a panchayat election without the support of the people. I have to join politics, it will have to be because the people want me to, or if I have that calibre. For now, I think I am good as an actress, and I’m happy with that. But in the future, if people choose me, elect me, I would definitely love to‘.

The actress also revealed how her role required a lot of research and made her more aware of how she’s supposed to be in a position of power and the struggles of being a politician. She also talked about how her preconceived notions of politicians with regards to the effort they put into the working of the country were all cleared when she figured out how much work actually goes into it.

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