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In a first, Oxford University researchers initiate trials of primary care treatment for COVID 19

Scientists from Oxford University are about to embark on a very first and unique study to detect whether the current range of available drugs can assist the older and those more vulnerable to disease from their situation turning to the worse.

Similarly, more than 500 U.K. doctor’s offices are recruiting people for testing drugs such as the antimalarial hydroxychloroquine, and also general antibiotics used against bacterial infections.

Scientists and researchers are currently in a quest to find out ways to safely exit lockdowns. More than 100 different programs have been developed globally to test treatment for the novel Coronavirus disease.

The participants must be either above the age of 65 or aged between 50 to 64 suffering from chronic respiratory illnesses. These include asthma and diabetes as well. Also, they should have symptoms- a new or continuous cough, and a high temperature for less than 15 days, or both.

One of such developed drug is the Remdesivir from the Gilead Sciences Inc. This drug was initially developed to treat the deadly Ebola virus and has recently shown action against the COVID.

Hydroxychloroquine has been suggested by the US President as a dormant treatment for the Coronavirus, and also the country has secured millions of doses to distribute among their states. This drug has been used on patients who needed help in breathing, or who were with low oxygen issues.

In an official statement, the University has declared that the trial will be done to check if any of the existing drugs can prove effective against the virus.

In the first phase, named Principle, the test will be done to check if a seven-day course of hydroxychloroquine can lessen the serious symptoms in groups that are in a vulnerable state.

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