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In Kerala two members showing no symptoms of Coronavirus tested positive after 14 days of quarantine


In India, only few peoples are affected by Covid-19 compares to other countries. It was the greatest advantage to India. It is only because of the food and medical services in India. Though India is a developing country and it has only minimum amount of medical services, It’s in less danger. In Kerala, Two people are affected by Covid-19 after 14 days of quarantine. The number is increasing day by day, which thread the country. In order to control the prime minister of India, Narendra Modi had announced the national wide lockdown. Though there are lockdown to control Covid-19, they are the increase in case every day.

“Hundred years challenge”

Covid-19 is a challenge given to medical field and to the entire world. It was referred has the hundred years challenge. Every hundred year, there was one pandemic disease which threads entire world. First pandemic disease was plague which affects Spain. Spain faced many financial crises because the attack was continued for three years. The second pandemic disease is flew. The time period for both the disease is hundred years. After that, Cholera which affects France, it also affects the entire world. After hundred years of break, Covid-19 entry and affects the peace in the country. There is no medicine for Covid-19. Every disease looks many life in the country. And it causes financial crises.

“BCG vaccine”

India has only minimum number of causes. Researchers had proved, tit is because of BCG vaccine that was injected to the child after two days of birth. Indian medical sciences believe in vaccination. Vaccination is nothing but injecting the immune antibodies to children to prevent them from microbial injection. BCG

“Awareness is must”

Affected individuals will have the throat infect Nd affects respiratory tracts of Bird and mammals, including human. This virus also affect gut.It has the a symptoms of normal fever respond for common cold. scientists had proved that it affects cats, dogs, mice etc.., from animals human had get transmitted. symptoms varies from person to person depending upon the individual immune power. Scientists reveals first microscopic image of novel Corona virus. Pregnant women immunologic and physiologic change which might make them more susceptible to viral respiratory infection including Covid-19. When scientists view the virus there were shocked because it was new and there didn’t effect, it will affect the entire world. In this vast world, Covid-19 had became a part and soak the whole universe. Covid-19 had lead to the drop-down in financial and economical growth of India. The people must be strong to face and there must increase their immune power to the body which helps to fight against the viruses. For many disease Their is no medicine in India, but we had the ability to face the situation. The inner level confidence will make a man to fight against Covid-19. In Kerala two people has these symptoms after 14 days of quarantine. so, the individual must have awareness against Covid-19.

“Medical facility”

Due to Covid-19 India is facing financial crises which refers as the refers as each citizen in India is facing the financial crises. Many schools and colleges had been converted as medical care centres to treat Covid-19 patients and as research centre. Their is no medicine for this pandemic disease, many doctors had undergone the research to fight against the bio war. Because of this many schools and colleges are converted into medical centres, research areas and shelter for migrant workers. when the school are converted into care centres it will entire affects the Indi who are living there. This makes the native people to move to other places and that becomes another crisis. so, Government made entirely lockdown to cities and towns .


Each one should have awareness of Covid-19. It is not easy to overcome without our cooperation. Unity is strength. It will be applicable to everything and everyone. Without the help of public, it is difficult to overcome this pandemic disease. without violating the rules lead by government, each citizen should follow and have the healthy lifestyle. we should be role model for next generation.


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