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MS Dhoni ditches PUBG Mobile, chooses call of duty amidst the lockdown time.

“PUBG” is the most famous game of the people these days. It is the most played game . Be it the youngsters or the adults everyone loves to play it. The players’ go nuts ‘while playing it . This game has an enormous fan base and is played by a majority of people. This video game can be played on mobile and on laptop as well.

Look who was up playing this game !

Well ,well , none other than” Mahindra Singh Dhoni “was a lover of this game . Our Mahi loved playing it .he was the first celebrity who was seen playing PUBG, although various other celebrities surely play this game but Mahi was the first one who was caught by the paparazzi ,playing the game . Mahi when asked my many reporters was seen saying that he loved to play PUBG and thought it was quite fun . Though he is an amazing cricket player on the field and is the former Captain of the national Indian cricket team ,he on the other hand loves to play video games as well!

Breakup with the game ?

Since the quarantine has made people’s life quite static, therefore everyone is getting fed up from a stagnant routine and are shifting to different things in their routines. Also Mahi who was once a lover of the mobile game “PUBG” has now broken up with it .
He has ditched the game for the game “call of duty” . Mahi is not seen playing PUBG for quite a long time said Deepak Chahar one of his peers.

Our Mahi might have loosen interest in PUBG and now wanted to play a new game so that his routine doesn’t get boring by playing a single game every day.
Everyone’s idea of passing the time is different in this stagnant quarantine period same is the case with M.S Dhoni .

Mahi is everyone’s favourite and is loved by everyone. so what if he has ditched PUBG we are sure that he is slaying it in the “call of duty.”

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