India Government likely to curb its overall spending on Covid19 related relief around Rs4.5 trillion

The Central Government of India would probably curb its total expenditure on coronavirus related relief to around ₹4.5 trillion ($60 billion) keeping in concern that surplus spending could lead to a decline in the sovereign rating, reported two senior government authorities.

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They brought to light the fact that some countries have already started degrading. The rating firms behave in a very different manner towards the developed countries and the developing nations of the world.

Fitch has cautioned India that sovereign rating would fall down if the revenue wanes further. “We have already done 0.8% of GDP, we might have space for another 1.5%-2% GDP”, an official added with reference to the 1.7 trillion rupee outlay that the government had declared in March to help the underprivileged people via cash transfer and food- grain distribution.

The ongoing plan will focus on those who have lost their jobs, whether in a big company or a small one, via tax holidays and other actions.
India is currently at the end of the second lockdown and has brought ₹2.9 trillion economies in a standstill. MHA has announced the third phase of lockdown for two weeks in effect from May 4 which will push the country to further deterioration.

There has been a salary cut of the lawmakers including the Prime Minister and the President and increment of government employees and pensioners have also been stopped for the moment.

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