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India Practicing Lockdown new full form of IPL given by Mumbai Police in tweet after BCCI confirmed suspension of IPL 2020

The Indian Premier League (IPL) has been postponed because of coronavirus outbreak. The Board of Control of Cricket in India (BCCI) confirmed this news on April 16th (Thursday). BCCI took this decision after PM Narendra Modi extend lockdown till 3rd May (Sunday) on Wednesday.

However, cricket fans specially IPL fans are upset with this decision, but there is no another option BCCI have then postponed Indian Premier League (IPL) 2020. On 13rd March (Friday) BCCI suspended IPL till April 15 (Wednesday) due to coronavirus. But now, they extend the postponed of IPL 2020 further.

In this situation, Mumbai Police appreciate the decision of BCCI on Twitter. Mumbai Police tweet “IPL suspended so that India wins”. This text reads on a picture of IPL trophy shared by Mumbai Police.

Mumbai Police also gave a new full form of IPL which is (I)ndia (P)racticing (L)ockdown. They also captioned a picture “Indian cities won’t take on each other. Instead, a united India will win this match against #coronavirus. #INDvCOVID #PerfectPitchFortLockdown #TakingOnCorona.
Here is the picture of Mumbai Police’s tweet.


However, citizens of India seem to be very happy and amaze after the tweet of Mumbai Police regarding IPL. “We will win it together with you for the great fight” a user wrote. “More than India Practicing Lockdown, its Indian Police league where police have won the toss and decided to bat if anyone leaves home without any reason” another user wrote.

In this pandemic, there are many users who wrote and share their doubts and problem on comment section on Mumbai Police tweet. A user wrote “ Respected sir, can we get a permission to serve clean and hygiene food to needy people”. In this lockdown where many people are facing many problems like not getting proper food, economy etc. there are people out there who want to serve food, give facemask or sanitizer to needy people.

This is not the first time when Mumbai Police tweet something very unique. Few days back Mumbai Police made a picture in which they delivered a message with all the 80s-90s movies and TV serial.

It says “Dekh bhai Dekh bahar Mahabharat chal raha hai Humlog Nukkad par nahi jaege jo Mungeri lal ke haseen sapne hai unka Flop show nahi banaege” Another picture says “Shriman-Shrimati aap nhi Karamchand yaa Byomkesh mat baniyega corona se Fauji lad rahe hai bahar jaakar Circus mat kariye”.

They captioned this picture with “A simple message that’s been just around ‘Nukkad’ for decades. #NotjustNostalgia #TakingonCorona.

Here’s a picture of Mumbai Police’s tweet.


Mumbai Police always make sure that they give message in unique and funny way to the citizen of nation. They always make funny meme related to the topic currently going on in the country. Citizen found amaze by the way Mumbai Police delivered any message.

Total number of coronavirus cases in Maharashtra crosses 3200, death roll at 194. Total number of cases in Mumbai crosses 1100, death roll at 75. This is the reason why Mumbai Police is giving lot of effort to make sure people don’t go outside their house without any reason. If we see the statistical ration then, Maharashtra is the most infected state in all over the nation and Mumbai is the most infected city in all over the nation.

The coronavirus which was reported from Wuhan has infected many countries till now. India confirmed total 13,835 cases till now in which 1,767 is recovered and 452 are death.

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